Anděl Music Bar

Anděl Music Bar, Bezručova 5, Plzeň

Interior cherubic, angelic music and cocktails will bring a truly angelic mood.



Angel MUSIC CLUB is a multi-genre and multicultural space where they meet local expats, tourists and students, and hosts regular dance party focusing on genres rnb, hiphop, dancehall, reggaeton, afro, latin and world music regularly with us perform the best Prague DJs as well as foreign guests.



You are here to have fun, meet new friends, to celebrate his life achievements and drink defeat, organize promotional events, business meetings, meetings "after years" or simply just go for a drink ..




Plzeňské městské dopravní podniky, a.s.
Denisovo nábřeží 920/12,
301 00 Plzeň - Východní Předměstí

IČ: 252 20 683
DIČ: CZ25220683