Gallery Paletka

Galerie Paletka, Husova 2, Plzeň

The gallery was founded in 1978. For a long time she worked at the Pilsen exhibition is the only one in Pilsen, Czech Republic and is a unique and internationally. The gallery is long and purposefully dedicated to the promotion, presentation and methodological activities in the field of aesthetic education of children and youth. It is part of the development of culture in Pilsen for the years 2009 - 2019 and with long-term plan for education and development of education system of the Pilsen Region. From 1979 to mid-2012, realized 352 exhibitions. Activity ensures gallery Gallery panel at the Music School, Plzen, Jagiellonian. Operation of the gallery allows you to grant substantial financial support from the city of Pilsen and support Pilsen region.



Plzeňské městské dopravní podniky, a.s.
Denisovo nábřeží 920/12,
301 00 Plzeň - Východní Předměstí

IČ: 252 20 683
DIČ: CZ25220683