Cathedral of St. Bartholomew

Katedrála sv. Bartoloměje, nám. Republiky, Plzeň

Parish church, since 1993 also the Cathedral of the Bishop of Pilsen, a magnificent Gothic building, built during the 14th and 15th centuries. Founded probably Teutonic Knights, who became pastor Pilsen in 1342. It is unusual in the middle of the main square, built from the ground up to the roof of coarse sandstone blocks. On the outside of the building is measured and the buttresses 63 m length and 26 m width. The facade had become originally two towers, but was only implemented the north tower, 56.3 meters in masonry, which came after burnout r. 1835 present slim pyramidal roof 46 m high. The total height of the tower is 102.3 m of it is the highest church tower in the country. Vaulted ground floor of the tower, on the top floor are hung bells and placed them over a large clock. Since the late 14th century, the church was covered with high tent roof, which burned down in 1525. Since then, the church provided preserved trusses, rafters above the central aisle-bound prograsivní called. Resting saddle, which in our domesticated surcharges another hundred years.




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