The DEPO2015 is a lively space where culture meets with business. The main aim is to support creative industries.

The DEPO2015 Creative Zone is a sustainable outcome of the Pilsen - European Capital of Culture 2015 project. At the former bus depot, you can now find interactive exhibitions, a café, a community garden, offices for hire, art studios, Industrial Heritage Trail, a space for artistic residencies, and a hall for concerts, conferences, and theatre shows. We create, we make, we exhibit and we sell - all in one place!

We also organize a Czech-Bavarian festival called Treffpunkt in Pilsen and in Regensburg, the BLIK BLIK Festival of Light, Street Food Markets, DEPOvLETU, European Neighbours' Day, and Pilsen Design Week. We host many big festivals and sporting events.

We support creativity, craftsmanship, and design. Part of DEPO2015 is the Craft Studio intended mainly for children, and now also two studios of Sutnarka (FDU LS UWB).

Our aim is openness and open sources, sharing of ideas and thoughts, so please do not hesitate to contact us. Maybe right now… Visitor information: Sound and film recordings are made within the space of the DEPO2015 Creative Zone. By participating in events at the

DEPO2015, the visitor agrees that photographs, films, and audio/video recordings with their person made during events and exhibitions, or in connection with them, using any current or future technical methods can be used reasonably without a financial entitlement or a time limit.


Due to low interest, the Doctor from Lake Victoria event is cancelled. Refunds will be given for tickets already purchased.

The Latin American Medicine Journeys event, which was supposed to take place on 22.12. is canceled due to low interest. Payments will be refunded automatically this week.